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Senior Mechanical Designer


Education and/or Experience
No degree is required.  Relevant machinery design experience IS required. A senior mechanical designer will have strong mechanical engineering acumen in addition to proven leadership and project management history and specialized design experience related to this field.  At least five (5) yrs. experience in machine design is required.

Essential Duties 

The following duties are deemed essential in the opinion of the Company for an employee to perform with or without a reasonable accommodation as a senior mechanical designer:


  • Contribute to the conceptual design of the machine
  • Meet with customer
  • Understand what is required for a successful project.  Understand machine operation and functionality.
  • Meet with vendors to keep up on latest equipment and components
  • May assist with bid preparation

Mechanical Machine Design:

  • Take machine concept and turn that design into a 3D model suitable for fabrication.  Must have the ability to “See the whole picture” and understand all aspects of the machine to be built.
  • Identify all commercial components to be incorporated into the design of the machine and verify their suitability for intended purpose.  Interface with component vendors as needed.  Components to have good balance between price, suitability for intended purpose and reliability.  Project budget to be considered when selecting components. Download CAD models from web.  Get pricing and interface with purchasing.
  • Design and model machine.  Individual fabricated or machined parts must be designed with manufacturability in mind.  Parts should not be overly complex.  Must select materials to be used.  If engineering is required, interface with other designers or engineers to ensure proper functionality of machine.  Designer is responsible for the machine to perform intended mechanical functions per concept.
  • Interface with management and other department members to explain/review design and reasoning behind your methods.  Provide suggestions on their projects.
  • Interface with Electrical department on controls.  May design mounting brackets for sensors.
  • Must have the ability to turn the models into detailed drawings for fabrication including selecting part tolerances, fastener selection and other details.

Skills/ Experience:

  • Performs on a daily basis in the capacity as advisor, champion and leader responsible for all activity related to client and in-house mechanical engineering related projects and initiatives.  Collaborates with all employees in department to engage team cooperation as well as ensure and monitor independent accountability to assigned tasks.
  • Researches, plans, and designs mechanical and electromechanical products and systems, and directs and coordinates activities involved in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and repair of mechanical or electromechanical products and systems.
  • Researches and analyzes data, such as customer design proposal, specifications, and manuals to determine feasibility of design or application.
  • Designs products or systems, such as instruments, controls, robots, tooling, machines, and mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, or heat transfer systems, applying knowledge of engineering principles.
  • Drafts detailed drawings of machinery and mechanical devices, indicating dimensions and tolerances, fasteners and joining requirements, and other engineering data using computer aided design (CAD) software.
  • Drafts multiple-view assembly, subassembly, and layout drawings as required for manufacture and repair of machines and equipment.
  • Plans and directs engineering personnel in fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment, and development of methods and procedures for testing products or systems.
  • Directs and coordinates fabrication and installation activities to ensure products and systems conform to engineering design and customer specifications.
  • Coordinates operation, maintenance, and repair activities to obtain optimum utilization of machines and equipment.
  • May design products and systems to interface machines, hardware, and software.
  • May evaluate field installations and recommend design modifications to eliminate machine or system malfunctions.
  • Perform responsibilities within established time, budget and Client operational constraints/parameters.
  • Regularly monitor expenses and costs associated with each separate project. Work within given budget.
  • Performs all work duties with a customer focus and perspective.

Tools/ Equipment:

  • On a daily basis will use phone.  Will also use a computer, keyboard and mouse to type, access documents, communicate and interact.Excellent typing and computer skills, including intermediate proficiency in Microsoft applications, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other proprietary software or applications as required.
  • Excellent proficiency using two or three dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.  Will draft detailed drawings of machinery and mechanical devices; indicate dimensions and tolerances, fasteners and joining requirements.  Shall also draft multiple-view assembly, subassembly, and layout drawings as required for manufacture and repair of machines and equipment.

Other Non-essential Duties

  • May install machined replacement parts in mechanisms, machines, and equipment, and test operation of unit to ensure functionality and performance.
  • May operate various fixed location shop machines and portable hand tools as needed to perform duties.
  • May develop specifications from general description and draw sketch of part or product to be fabricated.
  • May confer with engineers, production personnel, programmers, or others to resolve machining or assembly problems.
  • Applicants must be reliable self starters with the ability to work both alone and in a team environment.