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Keystone Automation Highlighted in Keystone Edge ‘Growing Companies’

July 11, 2015 | Posted in Press

To stay competitive in a global economy, U.S. manufacturers must find ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. So says Mike Duffy, President of Keystone Automation, a Duryea-based company that designs and fabricates specialized automated machinery used in manufacturing.

“The U.S. can compete, in certain areas, with foreign countries by using automation,” Duffy says. “We can get the cost of manufacturing down… so that U.S. products made using automation are competitive on a world market.”

Duffy ought to know. His company, founded in 1999, has steadily grown as the demand for more efficient methods of manufacturing has risen nationwide. What started as a tiny startup company with Duffy as his own sole employee now employs 25 full time in a 21,000-square-foot facility in Northeast Pennsylvania.

From mechanical and electrical design, to precision machining, assembly and rebuilding of industrial machines, Keystone Automation makes equipment that helps keep manufacturers competitive.

In tough economic times like these, says Duffy, many companies are faced with tough choices about how to cut costs. “They can either shut the operation down and purchase it from overseas to get costs down, or they can automate the process internally.”

Duffy is quick to say that he has an optimistic outlook for U.S. manufacturers, despite the present state of the economy. If companies are willing to innovate and streamline their operations using the latest technology and automation, he says, then they will remain competitive and their plants and jobs will remain here in the U.S.

Courtesy of Keystone Edge