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10 Reasons to Invest in Robotics

February 20, 2016 | Posted in

In the past few years, Keystone Automation has done more robotics solutions then ever before. The understanding of robotics as an asset and invest has spread like a wildfire. Companies and manufacturers have found that a robotic automated solution has so much more value then a machine that can only do one or finite tasks. With the ability to repurpose, reprogram, and reuse your robotic asset, companies have found that a robotic solution is a no brainer. Here are 10 more reasons to invest in robotics.

Industrial robotic arms building chart on white background
                                                                                                                                                                                    **Photo Credit – Australianroboticsreview.com
  1. Reduces your operating costs
  2. Improves product quality and consistency
  3. Improves quality of work environment for employees
  4. Increases your production output rate
  5. Increases your product manufacturing flexibility
  6. Reduces material waste and increases yield
  7. Complies with safety rules and regulations
  8. Reduces employee turnover and improves recruitment
  9. Reduces capital costs (Inventory, work in progress)
  10. Saves plant floor space in high value manufacturing areas

**Content Credit: ABB Robotics