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ABB: Best Robots on the Market

March 15, 2016 | Posted in

Here at Keystone Automation we integrate the best robots on the market; ABB Robotics. As Value Providers of ABB Robotics we truly feel that the whole ABB robot line has a leg up on the competition. These robots are made in USA, right in Auburn Hills, Michigan. This decreases the lead time on our robotic orders and allows us to deliver our robotics solutions to our customers in a more timely fashion. Global customer support and service has allowed us to not only integrate in any geographic area but feel confident that our customer is going to receive the best service and support when needed. Through world class innovation and a wide variety of robotic solutions, we have the greatest advantage of selecting the robot that is a perfect fit for your application. Please check out ABB Robotics for yourselves, in the meantime here are some more facts and figures about ABB Robotics.

  1. Maximum Uptime – Least failure rate in the industry. Your ABB robot will be running for years without maintenance.
  2. Highest Precision and Path Accuracy
  3. Quickest/Shortest Cycle Times
  4. Unparalleled User Friendliness – Our engineers love the Flex Pendant and Robot Studio for programming
  5. Highest Safety – Industry leading collision detection software
  6. Highest Efficiency – 33% more efficient then the competition
  7. Inventor of the Delta Style (FlexPicker): High Speed Pick and Place Robots
  8. First Truly Collaborative Robot on the Market: Meet YuMi 


**Content Credit: ABB Robotics