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AutoDesk makes Subscription Shift

March 8, 2016 | Posted in

The popular 3D CAD modeling program utilized by many industries, especially the automation industry, AutoDesk has announced a big change to its revenue model and how its customers purchase its products/services. Instead of purchases the infamous “seats” for your employees and engineerings, AutoDesk has moved to a similar platform as Adobe’s software Suite, with the implementation of a subscription based pricing model. This shift also¬†incorporates a cloud service for drawings, documents and programs to be sent to so the availability of your work is anywhere at anytime.

Here at Keystone we are excited for the change and our customers will directly see the benefits.

  • UPDATES! Our engineers will always be operating on the latest update of the software and so will our customers. No longer will there be confusion, conversion, or dated files because everyone will be on the same platform.
  • The cloud service will allow our engineers to work anywhere at anytime, offline from the server.
  • Similar to Adobe, subscription based “seats” allow you to utilize all of AutoDesks products and services, not just the “seat” you had purchased.
  • The new website offered by AutoDesk, Forge.com will allow our computers to use resources more efficiently, as many know 3D CAD softwares eat up all your memory and computing power. Now several tasks are pushed to the cloud, freeing up resources for your computer.

Check out the full story on TechCrunch and happy modeling!

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