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About Us

Keystone Automation’s History

Keystone Automation was founded in 1999 by Mike Duffy. He initially offered PLC programming and electrical wiring service.

Growing rapidly and incorporating in May of 2000, Keystone Automation moved into a 1,800 square foot facility in Pittston, PA. The company’s focus shifted to turnkey machinery design and fabrication. They purchased more equipment and added a mechanical designer, electrician and machinist.

2002 found Keystone again moving, expanding to 5,000 square feet. They also expanded with more machinery including their first CNC milling machine. By 2005 Keystone was utilizing 13,500 square feet of that building.

They kept growing, and in the summer of 2005 they relocated to their current base in Duryea, PA. They now have a 21,000 square foot engineering and production facility on four acres.

Our customers, workforce and equipment base continue to expand, and Keystone continues to invest in new and diversified equipment, ever expanding Keystone’s capabilities.

Confidentiality Policy

Keystone Automation, Inc. provides design and fabrication service to a large variety of industrial customers, performing similar services for customers competing in the same industry.

The company regularly signs and fulfills confidentiality agreements with our customers. While Keystone applies unique concepts from one industry to another, Keystone never shares one customer’s advantages with another in a competing industry.

It is Keystone Automation’s firm policy that your trade secrets remain your trade secrets.

Message From The President

I appreciate your interest in our company. Since 1999, it has been our intention to treat our customers, employees and vendors fairly, and respectfully. Excellent customer service has been the “keystone” of our business. We’ll always try to find out exactly what is needed for a project to be a success and make sure we deliver that, and more.

I saw the need for a turnkey facility that delivered both design and fabrication to industry.  We do not specialize in any one industry for a number of reasons: first, we will survive economic downturns in one specific industry; second, we are able to apply unique concepts across industry lines, giving us a creative edge; third, and foremost, we enjoy the variety and challenges we receive on a daily basis.

I’ve always seen the need for automated machinery. When I first started in the automation field years ago, we got hit with a major resistance on the factory floor when we would automate a process. People were concerned with saving their jobs, and rightfully so.

Now, with so many products and jobs being outsources to other countries, the climate has changed.

Today, people are more concerned with the company staying open and keeping the work in this country.  With the service Keystone provides, we are able to help keep companies competitive and profitable.

I’ve seen it time and again: the machines we build provide higher quality and greater throughput ensuring a competitive edge and greater profitability for our customers.

I can’t say for sure what the future of manufacturing in the United States holds, but I do know that automation will be a necessary part of it.

It is with great pleasure that I share this “snapshot” of our company. We’ve built some amazing machines and had the pleasure of dealing with a lot of great people since I first opened the doors.

If you’re already a customer, I thank you for your business. If you’re not a customer yet, we look forward to serving your needs.

If you’re intending to work with us, I will tell you it is very satisfying to be part of an organization that appreciates your contributions. When you see a machine that goes together on the floor of our shop and your labor has gone into it, there is a level of job satisfaction few people can lay claim to.

I firmly believe that Keystone is an ideal example of kind of American company that contributes to the greater good of keeping this Nation strong and productive.