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Case Study – DVD Case Wrapper

A Case Wrapper for DVD/CD Manufacturers

Keystone Automation was awarded a project to automate the removal of DVD cases from an injection molding machine, automatically orientate and band them with a 5-3/8” wide of Poly wrapper. Current machine banding was using a paper overwrap.

We researched and found that the widest poly banding machine available was able to put a 2” wide wrap around product. None of the ones we looked at were capable of using a 5-3/8” wide band and provide heat sealing to the plastic wrap. We now offer this machine for sale to industrial customers who have need for stacking and poly-wrapping DVD or CD cases in an efficient manner.

We designed this machine from the ground up to quickly stack and band DVD or CD cases. An infeed conveyor supplies cases laying flat with the proper orientation. A pick and place head removes the DVD cases from the infeed conveyor and stacks the cases until the predetermined count is reached.

At that point, they are clamped and transferred to the banding area of the machine while new cases are stacked. The band is applied, tensioned, sealed and cut. The banded stack is then discharged from the machine on a discharge conveyor. Discharged stacks are pushed onto an exit conveyor for hand stacking.