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Case Study – H Rail Pick and Place

An H Rail Automation Project for a Filing Cabinet Manufacturer

A large manufacturer of filing cabinets located in Delaware found us on the internet. They needed a machine built to automatically place rails onto carrier trays inside a machine that makes the glides for the sides of filing cabinets.

Previously, their forming machines made the rails and they dropped into large tote containers. Then operators would pull them out of the totes and place them onto the trays. There were two machines needed – one for the left side of the filing cabinet and one for the right. We designed a system to receive the rails and transport them up to a pick and place gantry. The machine transported the rails on conveyor belts to a staging area, pins were used to establish gaps for the different drawer placements and special grippers clamped and released the rails.

To see the machine in operation please click this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_TmxSDMKpo