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Case Study – Stopper Punch

A Stopper Punch for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We contracted to build a specialized machine for a major pharmaceutical supply company. The machine punched two holes in two different locations on two different type vial stoppers. The stoppers are about ½” in diameter and the holes are around 1/8” in diameter. The machine is hand loaded at the present time but is capable of being loaded automatically from a bowl feeder in the future. Stoppers are loaded into an indexing conveyor. A transfer picks up two stoppers and loads them in a rotary fixture while unloading finished stoppers and dropping them in a discharge chute. The rotary transfer indexes the stoppers under the punch where they are punched, rotated either 180 degrees or 140 degrees and punched again. Cycle time per stopper is 20 seconds. The machine received a very thorough acceptance and validation.

Our brochure is included for review. To see the stopper punch in action, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7g6povdllo