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Drill, Punch & Saw Equipment

Counter Bore Machine

Keystone Automation designed and built a machine to drill counter bored holes in artillery rounds for a local munitions manufacturer in 2005. These rounds are “test fire” rounds – M769 FRPC. The hole our machine puts in allows the smoke to escape. This is one part of a work cell we developed. After drilling, the insides/outsides are automatically de-burred. After all operations are completed, a small stripe is painted on the top of the round – another machine we built.

Our brochure is included for review. Please contact us for further information, pricing and specifications

Single Head Drill

A local munitions manufacturer forges artillery rounds for the military.  After forging, the interior of the shell is the primary surface to measure from.  In order to accurately machine the shell, a hole is needed on the end to align the lathe.  This machine centers and clamps artillery rounds from the inside and drills a small pilot hole in the end.  This is a small but necessary operation.  We have produced three of these machines for the one customer since 2002.  All of which are still in service.

Dual Head Drill

This is a two headed drill unit we made for a shop in Scranton, PA. They remove frames from an automatic welder and drill two holes in each tube as a secondary operation. The fixture (not shown) was added on site.

Wood Cabinet Cutting & Drilling System

Keystone Automation designed and built a system to produce wood cabinet end panels. The system handles over 300 different panel configurations.  The machine is able to cut and slot the panels as required for each configuration.  The machine is also designed to drill multiple holes for the shelf supports.  Additionally, a station was engineered to cut toe notches for the base panels.

Our brochure is included for review. Please contact us for further information, pricing and specifications. Video link at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTz3NUKeugE