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Electrical Panel Fabrication

We take great pride in our electrical panels. Some of them have been sent throughout the world to countries like China, Nicaragua, Africa and even Dunmore, PA. Our panel fabricators are skilled technicians who have the experience to ensure the panels we build will exceed the highest standards of functionality and appearance. We do not employ unskilled laborers who merely mount components and connect wires. We have a terminal marking tag printer and make our own legend plates as well. We are certified to build UL 508 electrical panels. No matter what the size or function, you can be assured we will deliver the highest quality panels on time at a reasonable price.

Barge Controls

We build panels for almost anything. These panels are used to control offloading of material from a barge floating on the Mississippi river. They are only the “front end” of the system. They tie into internal ship controls inside.

Cement Panels

These are electrical control panels for a cement plant in Nicaragua.

Compressor Controls

We build control panels for a major pneumatic transport company. These panels are installed on their compressors that can go as high as 1000 HP.

Crane Control Panel

We built one of our larger panels to control a crane at a shipyard in Florida. There were seven 4’ wide panels connected together. Two A-B ControlLogix 5000 processors with 5 racks were used. The first two cabinets controlled analog signals while the others were digital I/O. This tied into the main control system using fiber optics.


We build panels that go around the world. These panels control the hydraulics for a huge mining operation in Kogi state, Africa. There were 10 panels in all. Each panel used Siemens PLC’s and motor controls with Proface brand operator interfaces. They were connected using fiber optics. Internal communications were through Profibus.

Pneumatic Panels

Yes we do pneumatic control panels too.  We don’t do a lot of them but the ones we do, we do well.  These are the solenoids that fire to pneumatically transport bulk solids.

Recycling Center Controls

We built a new motor control center for the Lackawanna Recycling Center in Scranton, PA. 16 VFD’s are controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC using Device Net. This was the first Device Net installation in the area.

Stainless Steel Crane Control Panel

We were awarded a job to build a control panel for a crane system in Washington State.  This panel was constructed from stainless steel and had all weather resistant external components.  The unique portion about this panel was that it was suspended from the crane framework and accessed from the ground.

Test Boxes

Here are signal conversion boxes, cables and a power supply we built for a company in Bethlehem, PA. These boxes are used to convert 4-20ma signals to 0-5 VDC. A data collection box is connected to them. They have been taken around the world as well.