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Electrical Programming

Keystone Automation has experienced electrical engineers who can tackle any project related to automation and manufacturing. The equipment shown in our design and fabrication section had their controls designed and programmed by the electrical programming group. We additionally provide controls programming for other brands of equipment. We provide programming for ALL major brands of PLCs, Servo’s and operator interfaces. We offer drive solutions with servos, steppers, vector drives and variable frequency drives. We’ve designed everything from simple motor control stations to coordinated motion servo systems.

The services we offer:

  • PLC Programming
  • Operator Interface programming
  • SCADA Integration
  • Motion and Drive Control Systems
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Vision system integration

There are a variety of types of electrical controls which we are extremely familiar with. They range in size and complexity from a simple motor starter or solenoid control to high end servo systems with coordinated motion. Below are some examples of the controls we offer:

Simple motor controls

These systems are used for control of conveyors, mixers or any number of systems with start/stop functionality.

PLC controls

We are experienced with most major brands of PLC’s including Siemens, Automation Direct, Modicon/Telemechanique, Omron and Mitsubishi. The majority of the PLC’s we work with are Allen-Bradley.

Servo Controls

We are experienced with most major brands of servo and stepper systems including Parker, Lenze, Allen-Bradley and Oriental motors.

Servo Alternatives

Many applications are suitable for controls that do not require the positioning accuracy of a servo. A typical example is an indexing conveyor or a gantry system. We have built multiple machines with both linear and rotary indexing using a variable frequency drive and PLC control.

Operator interface and Data export

We have developed a number of systems to monitor and control processes. These include different types of operator interfaces (touch screens) from Allen-Bradley, EZ Touch, Parker, Eaton and Red Lion. Our selection depends on the application and the customer preference. Our typical operator interface is for simple machine controls that gives operational control and alarm screens. Most customers appreciate having a simple, easy to understand interface to troubleshoot a problem.


We offer all sorts of upgrades to older control systems. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple and change out some bad wires or cables. Other times we completely tear out all the old controls and wiring and replace everything. We work with you, the customer, to decide the most cost effective solution that works within your budget and operational goals. We have years of experience with all sorts of industries including European machinery. We also provide safety upgrades to older equipment.


We service what we sell. We also do installation and on site debug. We troubleshoot other manufacturer’s panels as necessary. Our service area is North America.

The controls we service:

  • Allen Bradley Controls
  • GE PLC programming
  • Micrologix through RSLogix 500 programming
  • Seimens PLC and drive programming including “old” TI programming
  • PLC 2 to 5 Conversions
  • Mitsubishi programming
  • RSView 32 SCADA programming
  • Maple OIT programming
  • PanelView programming
  • Parker servo setup and commissioning
  • Twido through Modicon programming
  • Oriental motor stepper systems
  • Magellis touchscreen programming
  • Keyence vision systems
  • Red Lion OIT programming
  • Integrated motion with RSLogix
  • Control Techniques drive and servo setup and commissioning
  • Servo and stepper programming
  • SEW drive setup and commissioning
  • Variable speed drive setup and commissioning
  • Allen-Bradley drive and servo setup and commissioning
  • Square D Controls
  • Omron PLC programming
  • Banner vision systems
  • Cognex vision systems
  • DVT vision systems
  • Intellution SCADA programming
  • Wonderware SCADA programming