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Electronics Design

Keystone Automation’s Electronics Division employs experienced engineers and technicians with the capability of handling just about any electronics design or manufacturing task. We offer a full range electronic design services.

Specialized Circuit Design

For those applications where an “off the shelf” item just won’t do, or you are attempting to reduce size, need higher speed or reduce manufacturing costs, we can design a custom circuit targeted specifically for your application. Whether it is a simple switching circuit or a multi-board complex logic system, we can do it all. With the addition of our embedded systems capabilities, no application is too large or complex.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Our current equipment allows us to design printed circuit boards of any size, shape and number of layers. We can custom shape a circuit board to fit nearly any unusual enclosure.

Obsolete Circuit Board Replacement

If the circuitry in your current system is obsolete and no longer being manufactured, Keystone can analyze your current circuit board, reverse engineer it, and manufacture replacements in any quantity. This is also true of old embedded system designs as we have the capability of duplicating the operational firmware in many cases.

Often, when we are called upon to do this we are asked to replace a logic board that was manufactured decades ago. With today’s technology, these boards can often be reduced to a fraction of their original size and power consumption. Our history has shown that when a board like this is replaced it may never fail in operation, even years down the line.