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Keystone Conveyors

Drag Chain Conveyors

Keystone Automation offers drag chain conveyors for sale to industrial clients. We work very closely with our customers on the design and make conveyors to be easily serviced, cleaned and plus, be able to stand up to 24/7 operation for many years. They are very close in price to our competition’s lighter weight models. Keystone Conveyors are very heavy duty using ¼” plate steel for the side frames – our competition uses 1/8” thick sheet metal. We offer one of the best turnaround times in the industry – 3 weeks for custom sizes.

One of the great advantages of dealing with Keystone is that we offer turnkey service. We design and build the conveyors, install them and provide the motor controls.

Our brochure is included for review.

Straight Type Drag Chain Conveyors & 90° Transfer Conveyors

We offer straight type drag chain conveyors in different configurations. We can provide double sets of chains, 2, 3 or 4 drag chains and any length configuration. They are low profile – only 11 inches tall – but can be raised as needed with heavy duty supports. We also offer 90° Transfer Conveyors built to the same rugged specifications as the straight drag chain conveyors. Please review our brochure for further information.

Our brochure is included for review.

Cooling Conveyors

We made a cooling conveyor for a company in Pittston, PA. Red hot axles are placed on our conveyor and are cooled as they travel through. The speed of the conveyor is very slow and is timed to cool at just the right rate to ensure the axle properties are correct. This is the picture of the cooling conveyor prior to installation. This machine was modified after installation to obtain greater cooling capacity by the end user. Each of the side panels now have a cooling fan bolted to it. This has been in use daily since 2002 and has had no problems.

Mobile Conveyors

We worked with a local manufacturer to develop this conveyor. They needed a system that would accept pallets of product discharging from a machine and be able to move them around with a fork truck. What you see is our solution. It is placed next to the machine to accept a pallet. Once pushed onboard, the gate is swiveled to capture the pallet. The gate is locked with a pull-pin. A fork truck is then used to move it around. Our mobile conveyor boasts a heavy duty welded construction with a powder coated finish.