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Machinery Assembly & Rebuilding

Keystone Automation offers assembly and rebuilding of your machinery. We build all sorts of machines that our engineering group designs. We have built and rebuilt everything from hinge drilling machines to book cutting machines.

6 to 8 Drill Retrofit

We were contracted to change a machine that drilled holes through 6 pre-formed hinges to one capable of drilling 8 holes. We did a ground-up restoration on it. Everything was removed, cleaned and inspected. The frame was sent out for powder coating. We even cleaned out the indexing table. We upgraded safety controls, cleaned up the hydraulics and even installed a new drive motor. Changing to an 8 station drill gave them a 33% increase in productivity. Rebuilding the machine ensured it would continue to work reliably for a long time.

Modu-Dense Tanks

We have been assembling tanks for one of our customers ever since we first opened our doors. We receive the tank and the valves from a vendor. We supply the pipe, fittings, electrical, pneumatic panel and assembly. The tanks went to Peru. They are installed underneath a silo and are used to control flow of bulk solids to a pneumatic conveying system.

Trimmer Rebuild

We were contracted to rebuild a Wohlenburg 3 knife trimmer. It came to us in pretty good shape at first glance. We cleaned up the electrical and looked things over closely. What we found was scary. Someone before us had repaired a cam and left the metal shavings in the track. We also found that the main pusher arm was held in place with a set screw – not pinned. The more we looked, the more we found. When you have experienced mechanics doing what they do best, the results are amazing.