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Robotics Technology

Here at Keystone Automation we integrate robotics to complement our unique design abilities. With the use of robotics, automated tasks are completed accurately and quickly, producing enhanced designs. Additionally, we design and build our own end of arm tooling for any of your custom application needs.

Keystone Egg Packer

Recently, one customer needed a solution that required a robot to package three different sized egg cartons. These cartons move from conveyor, into boxes on a separate conveyor autonomously. The pneumatic custom robot tool utilized to the right was engineered to lift and place dozen cartons (three at a time), 18 egg cartons (two at a time), as well as a 30-count egg sheet quickly and gently, with precision. The egg packer end of arm tool does not need changes or modifications when the carton size is switched, highlighting versatility and premium functionality for our customer.

Working with ABB Robots

ABB has a wide variety of robots for different functions and Keystone Automation is ready to use them for your custom application. We will design: Vision Systems, Material Handling, Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Atomizers, FlexFinishing, Painting, Palletizing, Press Automation, Force Automation, Robot Programming, and Robot Positioners. No matter the size or scale, ABB has a robot for your application.

Please feel free to give us a call at 570-602-4200 or email us at sales@keystoneautomation.net to talk robotics.