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Sheet Metal & Welding

We offer excellent sheet metal and welding service. Whether it’s guarding an old machine or making the frame for a new machine, we deliver quality and service. We work with all sorts of materials including stainless and aluminum. We offer plasma cutter service as well. We are aligned with several powder coating shops. Please review the pictures of things we’ve fabricated – we’re proud of them and look forward to servicing your needs.

Stainless Manifolds

In a short span of time, we were asked to make manifolds for two different companies. One diverted beer and one diverted water.

4 Cup Laner

A local drinking cup manufacturer needed a better way to sort out cups after they were bagged. We developed a conveyor/lane system that took the discharge from the bagging machine and kept alignment to packing tables. This concept allowed packers to fill shipping boxes at one table then move to the next while the cups accumulated. It solved two problems: Kept the cups sorted and does this with fewer people.

Ink Pail Carts

We were asked to make carts to easily transport ink pails between machines. They use a powder coated frame and a galvanized pan.

Packout Table

We were asked to build a better packout table for a local customer. The existing table did not offer ease of use or portability. The new one fit up to the machine perfectly and was able to be relocated elsewhere when needed.

Removable Cover

One of the great things about having a sheet metal fabrication shop in house is that it makes everyone’s life easier. A cover like this was missing on a book binding machine we were rebuilding.

In a few hours, we had a replacement.

Specialized Work Platform and Stairs

Keystone has built a staircase is an integral part of a specialized work platform designed to reduce product changeover time and aid with access for machine maintenance. We fabricate this staircase and platform assembly for a leading manufacturer of packing products for consumer products. Our customer appreciates the quality of the welds and the workmanship that goes into them.

Trim Grinder Guard

We were asked to redesign a guard for a machine that grinds up trimmed plastic. The operators felt the old guard was clunky and hard to remove.

We made what you see and designed it to be easily removed while still providing the safety needed.