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Testimonial – Paper & Plastic Film Converting

My name is Kevin Gaffney, the Site E/I (Electrical and Instrumentation) Maintenance Manager for a paper converting facility. We have been dealing with Keystone Automation since they opened in 1999. Keystone supports our plant operations 24/7.

For example, if a journal bearing face is damaged from a bearing failure after hours, on weekends or on holidays, we just give Keystone a call and they open up their shop. If the roll is very large, Keystone will come to our facility and pick up the roll with their stake bodied truck. Then take it to their shop to repair, and then bring it back to us when the repairs are completed.

Keystone has designed and built a few machines for us. For example, Keystone designed and built a 1 to 5 roll diverter and a 1 to 2 roll diverter for us complete with a servo motor to switch the lanes. This machine has been on our floor for the last few years running 24/7 and is one of our most reliable pieces of equipment we have.

Another example is we had been experiencing problems with corrugate jamming in a case packing machine. We called in Keystone Automation to help us with this problem. Keystone designed and installed side clamps operated by a cam to hold the cases in position while the bottom case is being indexed. Since the installation of the clamps we have been able to double the capacity of the hopper.  This allows our operators more time to tend to the other parts of the process. Keystone has done some PLC and touch screen projects for us also.

I can’t say enough good things about the 24 hour machine shop and automation service we receive from Keystone. I must say that Keystone Automation is a vital part of our operation.

– Kevin Gaffney