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Unique Equipment

Spray System

We were contracted to build a prototype machine to spray primer onto cell phone bases for a company in northeast PA. Prior to this machine they were dipping the bases in the primer solution by hand. The primer is highly flammable and toxic at certain levels. The bases are hand loaded onto the machine in rows. After the rows are loaded, they index underneath a traversing spray head. The rows are indexed under the drying chamber taking approximately 10 minutes to make it to the end. At the end they drop into a container. The spray head area is under vacuum and uses intrinsically safe components. We delivered the prototype machine and immediately received an order for two more machines.

DVD Case Bander

We were awarded a project to automate the removal of DVD cases from an injection molding machine, automatically orientate, and band them with a 5-3/8” wide of Poly wrapper. Current machine banding was using a paper overwrap.

We researched and found that the widest poly banding machine available was able to put a 2” wide wrap around product. None of the ones we looked at were capable of using a 5-3/8” wide band and provide heat sealing to the plastic wrap.

We designed this machine from the ground up to quickly stack and band DVD or CD cases. An infeed conveyor supplies cases laying flat with the proper orientation. A pick and place head will remove the DVD cases from the infeed conveyor stack the cases until the predetermined count is reached.

At that point, they are clamped and transferred to the banding area of the machine while new cases are stacked. The band is applied, tensioned, sealed and cut.

The banded stack is then discharged from the machine and the banding area is then ready to accept the next stack for the banding operation. Discharged stacks are pushed onto an exit conveyor for hand stacking.

The machine accepts DVD cases at a rate of 80 per minute. Please contact us for further information, pricing and specifications

Sifter Top Applicator

A local cosmetic contract manufacturer asked us to assist with a problem. They had to insert sifter tops into vials of cosmetics. They were using operators to manually insert them and were concerned with potential carpal tunnel issues and backlog of production. This machine is mounted onto an existing conveyor (which we made for them) and has adjustable height above the conveyor. The speed of the belt is matched to the conveyor speed. The sifter tops are placed over the vial as they travel down the conveyor and when they go under the belt they are pressed into the vial.


We built a prototype vacuum forming machine for a local company. Sheets of plastic are loaded into a frame clamp and the table is indexed. The sheets are heated for a period of time and then quickly lowered over a mold and vacuum is applied to draw the pliable sheet downward. On the next two indexes, the formed product is cooled. When the machine is idle, the heater pivots out of the way. A Camco 4 station indexer was used.